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Kickass Tformers spot!

06.13.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Probably the coolest and most encouraging TRANSFORMERS commercial yet has just hit the web (I believe it aired during the NBA Finals last night). I’ve been skeptical about this movie - and still am only because I’m a cynical bastard - but I won’t deny that the 16 year old within in me that used to get boners just from watching awesome trailers is feeling a little funny down there at the moment. Maybe it’s just Megan Fox (who I will dutifully post a picture of, because that’s what I’m here for, really).

The most perplexing thing is that it hasn’t been rated yet. If it’s not PG-13, what the hell is it, PG? I highly doubt it will get an R.(this is more encouraging with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD commercials that say the same thing, since it indicates an R rating is still possible, despite horrifying declarations that have been made to the contrary)

Click it HERE to view the spot at LatinoReview.

Source: LatinoReview



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