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Jan. 30, 2006by: Ammon Gilbert
“I think this will be the feel-good drilling and killing movie of the year!”

Fangoria pointed us in the direction of one of the sweetest looking indie horror flicks out there! It's called DRILLER, from writer/director Jason Kartalian, and starring scream queen Tanya Dempsey!

We heard about this flick a while back, and what stuck out was that while it was being filmed, it was also being written into a graphic novel! Now how cool is that- there's some ambition for ya- create your own franchise here folks!

Judging from the TRAILER, we're all in store for a good, gorey fun ride, with an ugly dude killin' and drillin', and alien abduction all wrapped into one 90 minute good time! It's a slasher flick at it's absolute best! The trailer even sports gorey carnage, boobies in the shower, and the title character lookin' a remarkabley like Jason Voorhees. Brings me back to the '80s when violence was fun, and nudity flowed on screen like wine.

So head over to the flick's OFFICIAL SITE, and stay tuned for more info. on when we'll all be graced with this present of slasher fun!


Spitting Bullets
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