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01.07.2009by: Mike Catalano

In just a little over a month, Jason Voorhees returns triumphantly to the big screen amidst a gusher of blood and gore. This means that we as FRIDAY fans are about to get hit with a massive gusher of merchandise! Just yesterday, my man, Eric, introduced us to a couple of new Jason figures that were currently available for pre-order.

And since I strive to be every bit as cool a horror reporter as my man, Eric, I too would like to alert the masses of even more Jason-inspired paraphrenalia that is about to become available for purchase. I'd like to personally thank an honorable Jason-ite named Paul for the heads-up on this one. Feast your eyes on the goodies pictured up top and below. These items, in the order that they appear, are as follows:

A 19" Jason figure modeled after the new "reimagined" slasher. He comes with 2 interchangeable heads and a machete that can be slid in out of a sheath on his left leg. With ball jointed neck and shoulders and swivel forearms, wrists and waist.

A Replica Hockey Mask in Wooden Case cast directly from a film-used prop. It comes mounted in a wooden shadowbox, ready to hang and display on your wall or shelf. You can purchase this one by clicking right HERE.

Friday the 13th Replica Machete cast again directly from a film-used prop. This metal and wood reproduction of Jason's iconic weapon is 3 feet in length and has the real weight and feel of an actual machete.

Not bad at all! All three of these items will be available this February, but I suggest pre-ordering right now if you're interested. You'll be able to find them through Neca Toys.

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