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Kim Ok Bin's Thirst

02.16.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Park Chan-Wook has been working on the vampire flick called THIRST for a while now, and things finally started moving forward when THE HOST's Song Kang Ho was cast.

What Chan-Wook's movie was missing though was a leading lady, and this was a very big deal. Well according to KFC Cinema, he's got his lady. Kim Ok Bin (pictured).

Apparently it was a big project in scoring a leading female, reason being the role calls for some extremely sexual stuff. We're talking numerous sex scenes and of course, nudtiy.

We're all big fans of nudity, so this is great news. Plus, Kim Ok Bin is a hottie, so that makes it even better.

According to KFC Cinema, THIRST is about a much-loved priest who becomes a vampire after a failed medical experiment; he becomes a tortured and depraved soul. Title refers to a craving for sex, blood and love.

That's pretty interesting. It's being pushed as a love story with horror and drama. THIRST has 9 months of shooting ahead of it, so look for it sometime in 2009.

Kim Ok Bin in a role with a lot of sex and nudity? Nothing wrong with that.

Source: KFC Cinema



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