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King's Cell to TV!

07.14.2009by: Jared Pacheco
One upcoming project I've really been looking forward to is the adaptation of Stephen King's CELL. Now I'm not even sure exactly why I'm looking forward to this because while the novel was alright... I didn't find it amazing. I suppose it's just ripe for adapting. As I was reading I was picturing how awesome the book would be on the big screen.

Alas it seems I'll never get to see that. What I will get to see though is CELL coming to the small screen! That's right folks... the CELL adaptation is alive and well regardless of no rumblings for over a year. Recently we learned that Eli Roth has in fact dropped out as director. Now there seems to be a torn reaction on this.... a lot of fans out there feel Roth would've butchered King's novel while others feel Roth may have actually been perfect to adapt this one. I'm on the boat that was looking forward to what Roth had to give us... but this news still has me optimistic.

According to site reader MICHEL who was the Fantasia screening of BOOK OF BLOOD;  John Harrison was at the Fantasia Film Festival and has announced that he'll be scripting a four-hour mini-series based on King's CELL. Harrison said he likes that format better than a feature cause there is so much to cover as to the book.

The mini-series is coming from The Weinstein Company and there will be shopping for a network to call home soon. So what do you think guys? Harrison better than Roth? I'm definitely ok with it considering Harrison's past works including Clive Barker's BOOK OF BLOOD, CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE. The man served on those films as well as many others in some way or another so it looks like he knows what he's doing with CELL.

The book centers on a father traveling across several states to find his son during an armageddon-like event where a signal transmitted from cell phones transforms anyone who hears it into psychic zombies. Well that's the just of it at least. Aside from the whole psychic thing I really loved the book... that part kind of killed it for me but it's still a good read none-the-less. Harrison sees this adaptation as more of a horror/thriller than an all out zombie movie. He also hopes to direct but apparently no offer has been made. Hopefully we'll be hearing a lot more on CELL soon so keep it here for updates!

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