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Know your undead facts with this new promo for the BBC's In The Flesh

03.08.2013by: Kevin Woods

Just a couple of days back we shared the latest trailer for BBC's IN THE FLESH with you, and today we have a cool new promo piece for the three-part series that explains the facts of the undead uprising and encourages you to relax...everything is under control.

IN THE FLESH is set four years after the Rising when the government starts to rehabilitate the Undead back into the society including teenager Kieren Walker, who returns home to his small Lancashire village to face a hostile reception as well as his own demons.

Developed by Dominic Mitchell and directed by Jonny Campbell, IN THE FLESH stars Luke Newberry, Ricky Tomlinson, and Kenneth Cranham. The series begins Sunday March 17 on BBC Three.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think IN THE FLESH will be worth checking out?



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