Korean nuclear disaster flick Pandora acquired by Netflix

Pandora Netflix

Anyone who grew up in the 80's knows that we got a lot of nuclear movies over the course of that decade (like WARGAMES, THE DAY AFTER, or, a personal favorite, MIRACLE MILE). Those fears resurge every couple dozen years or so, starting with the nuclear testing monster flicks of the 50's, , but the films have kind of reached a low ebb recently. Enter South Korea.

The disaster film PANDORA, from writer-director Park Jung-Woo (DERANGED), is about an all-out nuclear meltdown and it looks intense as hell. While it is being released in Korean theaters this December, Netflix has just acquired the project to stream in over 190 countries next year. 

Says Rob Roy, VP of content acquisition at Netflix: 

We are excited to work with Next Entertainment World to bring such high-quality Korean titles like ‘Pandora’ to our members worldwide. Netflix is committed to bringing the best of global entertainment to the world and in an era where the internet knows no bounds, this is another step towards delivering great stories to fans no matter where they live.

Check out the trailer below!

PANDORA sees the story of a small town blown apart by a disaster, as an unexpected earthquake hits the nuclear power plant.

PANDORA stars Kim Nam-Gil and Kim Young-Ae.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite 80's nuclear flick?
Source: Variety



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