Korean shocker Bedevilled slices its way to Blu-ray in the states this October

Devotees of extreme Asian cinema shall rejoice.

Well Go USA has announced that it will release Korean director Jang Chul-soo's intense thriller BEDEVILLED on Blu-ray on OCTOBER 9th. Have been wanting to check this one out ever since The Arrow reviewed it at Fantastic Fest a few years ago (read his thoughts HERE), so now I'll get my chance.

The Blu-ray won't exactly be packed; only a featurette and the original theatrical trailer will be on hand. However, if the movie is as nasty and violent as I've heard, you won't need much in the way of bonus features - the flick will be more than enough.

Ji Seong-won stars as Hae-won, a woman who goes back to her grandparents' home on a remote island after suffering a series of setbacks in her life. There she is reunited with her childhood friend Kok-nam (Seo Yeong-hie), whose problems make her own pale into insignificance. After enduring years of violence, degradation and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband and the other islanders, Kok-nam appeals to Hae-won to help her escape. When Hae-won refuses, Kok-nam finally reaches breaking point and goes on a bloodthirsty revenge rampage against those who have wronged her.

Pre-order BEDEVILLED on Blu-ray right HERE, or pick up the DVD HERE.

Seo Yeong-hie

Extra Tidbit: This was Jang Chul-soo's directorial debut.
Source: Blu-ray.com



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