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Laid 2 Rest poster

08.01.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

While attending this year's Comic-Con, I had the pleasure of checking out the trailer for Robert Hall's upcoming slasher flick LAID TO REST (check out that report HERE). A few days later at the Wrath of Con party on top of the rooftop of the Hard Rock Hotel, there were chicks promoting CRANK 2 with tape over their nipples and nothing else... and this here poster for LAID TO REST. I didn't have my camera to capture the sweetness then, but lucky for us... the poster has arrived online for us all to enjoy!

The killer metallic mask, the gargantuan 'Rambo' knives, the blood-driping background... I would say this 'teaser' poster does the film just and then some. Damn that mask is cool...

Anyway, LAID TO REST stars Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, and Bobbi Sue Luther, and is looking to kick all of our asses sometime... next year? Not really sure when, to tell ya the truth. You can check out the official website HERE to check out that awesome trailer; in the meantime, enjoy the new poster!

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