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Laid to Rest poster

03.18.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

The good folks over at The Sarah Connor Society scored a brand spankin' new poster for the Lena Headey / Thomas Dekker horror flick LAID TO REST, and once again... the poster art is amazing!!!

There's something about the chromed-out skull mask that elevates this film from just a simple slasher to something way more awesome. And the new angle of the mask, with the screaming terror of one of the victims in the eye just adds the right amount of touch to make this poster even better than the totally rockin' posters we've seen before.

It's a shame that this puppy will be basically going straight to DVD, but wait! There's hope for some! Starting tonight, LAID TO REST will be screaning in a number of cities... maybe your city is one of them! Head THIS WAY to check out the screening schedule... you never know, it may be screening in your area!

Enjoy the new poster above, and get ready for LAID TO REST on DVD everywhere April 21, 2009.

LAID TO REST's Bobbi Sue Luther!
Extra Tidbit: LAID TO REST director Robert Hall has done the special make-up effects for a ton of movies, including (most recently) VACANCY, PROM NIGHT, THE BURROWERS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, and the upcoming THE CRAZIES remake.



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