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Lambert gets High

01.18.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
We first heard about Mary Lambert's vampire western HIGH MIDNIGHT way back in the summer of 2005 (head back to memory lane HERE) when she first signed on to direct. Here we are, some two and a half years later, and still no HIGH MIDNIGHT - what gives?

Well, that's the Hollywood truffle-shuffle for ya, as these things happen -- the good news is, Lambert still has plans on making HIGH MIDNIGHT, and it looks like it's her next project on her director's slate!

Set to star Ted Raimi and William Baldwin, Lambert had a chance to chat it up with Fangoria about the film, and what we can expect. Hold on to your butts:

Right now the film is in active preproduction. It’s a vampire cowboy movie which is based on the premise of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA. In the book, Dracula infects a woman with a vampire bite, and her husband tries to protect her and stop her from turning. Of course, in order to do that, they need to eliminate Dracula, and there is this journey to find him. So HIGH MIDNIGHT is based on the idea of ‘What if something like this actually happened in Europe, but the woman escaped and came to America, where she set up a ranch in the Wild West?’

That's what I've been contemplating for years now - what if Dracula actually happened in America, and not Europe? F*cking trippy thought, if you ask me. Anyway, it's good to hear that the film is now finally getting made, and that at least one of the Baldwin's is set to star.

To check out the rest of the interview, in which Lambert discusses the main character in question, go ahead and click HERE, and to see what Lambert's been doing besides making HIGH MIDNIGHT, pick up THE ATTIC, which just hit DVD shelves this week.

Source: Fangoria



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