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Lance Henriksen and Briana Evigan set for indie thriller Monday at 11:01 AM

01.05.2015by: Ryan Miller

Briana Evigan

Great cast, solid concept, terrible title. Production has started on a new indie thriller by the name of MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M., starring Charles Agron, Briana Evigan (pictured), Lance Henriksen and Lauren Shaw.

While it’s unclear as to what Henriksen and Evigan will be up to in this one, Agron and Shaw portray a couple out for a blissful weekend in a resort town, where they’re menaced by a cult of druid worshipers from the local forest. This is a total guess (and I’m really bad at guessing), but my money is on Henriksen being the leader of this druid cult because that sounds too awesome to not be a thing.

MONDAY AT 11:01 A.M. is directed by Harvey Lowry from a script by Agron, who also produces through Charles Agron Productions. Filming is taking place in Guthrie, Okla.

Briana Evigan

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite film starring Lance Henriksen?
Source: Variety



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