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Lars von Trier working on horror script set in Detroit

05.13.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Lars von Trier knows horror. He may not have directed a full-blown genre feature yet, but some of the man's most memorable work - ANTICHRIST, MELANCHOLIA spring to mind - boast some fairly surreal, suspenseful elements. (Let's also not forget he worked on the supernatural TV mini-series "The Kingdom," which Stephen King later turned into "Kingdom Hospital" for ABC.) Now it looks like he might be going all the way to the dark side and crafting a project that is 100% horror - if a close colleague of his is to believed.

Danish filmmaker Kristian Levring, who has an enticing western called THE SALVATION headed to Cannes and who has worked with von Trier in the past, recently claimed the provocative NYMPHOMANIAC director has turned his attention to a horror flick set in the U.S. Here are his words, courtesy of IndieWire:

I've always thought that Lars would be able to do a fantastic horror movieÖ And Iíve told him so many times throughout the years, and in the end he said: 'I want you to stop talking about it, so Iíll write it for you instead.'"

"It takes place in Detroit, and then there is the wordplay between Detroit and 'destroyed,'" Levring added, noting that von Trier has started writing the script. "Itís about a man fighting his inner demons. That doesnít tell that much, but thatís because we havenít gotten any further so far." He added "....itís real horror. Of course, there is a psychological aspect, but itís a real horror movie. Thatís what weíre aiming for, at least."

It's unclear if von Trier will end up directing this flick, or if it's perhaps something Levring will tackle (which is what it sounds like at this point). If von Trier does end up helming, you can be sure the movie won't actually be shot in Detroit: the filmmaker is famously afraid of flying. (Although never afraid to set his films in the U.S.)

More on this as news comes in.


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Source: Indiewire



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