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Larter on Heroes

06.29.2006by: Matt Withers
Ali Larter chatted briefly with us the other day about her new TV series HEROES, and while it's not exactly horror, it does feature her as a Vegas stripper with superpowers so I feel pretty good about running with it.

The synopsis for THE 4400, I mean HEROES, goes like this: This one-hour drama chronicles the lives of ordinary people who find out they have some extraordinary abilities. After a total eclipse, a genetics professor -- whose father recently went missing -- uncovers a theory regarding people with superhuman powers. Elsewhere, a young man tries to convince his politician brother he can fly, a teenage girl finds she's totally indestructible, a Vegas showgirl discovers that her mirror image is a separate being and a gift artist (struggling with a drug addiction) can paint the future. Ultimately, this disparate group of folks will be asked to save the world.

So what does Larter think of all this?

"It's not like X-Men, where all of a sudden ... we know what we are. It's more a question of if you are sitting right there and you figure out that you can hear everyone else's thoughts, but you have to ... come to work every day, and you have to take your kids to school, and you still have to pay your bills."

Clearly doesn't sound at all like X-MEN. In fact, the issue of super abilities and how they affect an average life is almost a completely unique idea outside of maybe SPIDER-MAN, but nobody's ever really heard of that guy.

So spit bullets below on the eternal question: Does Ali Larter as a stripper with mirror powers outweigh the hotness of Ali Larter in a whipped cream bikini? And chat about the show too if you're so inclined.



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