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Lasse Hallstrom's psychological thriller The Hypnotist fills out cast

11.11.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Last time we wrote about Lasse Hallstrom's Swedish thriller THE HYPNOTIST was back in July, when some sales art and an expanded synopsis hit the net. At the time, only Mikael Persbrandt was attached to star in the film, but today a few more names have come to light.

Lena Olin (ROMEO IS BLEEDING) and Finnish actor Tobias Zilliacus (pictured right) have come aboard Hallstrom's film, which is based on the novel of the same name by Lars Kepler.

The synopsis: After a young woman and her parents are murdered by a killer determined to wipe out the entire family, Detective Inspector Joona Linna works with a psychiatrist to hypnotize the son who narrowly escaped death in order to find the one surviving daughter before the murderer does.

Persbrandt plays the titular character, one Dr. Erik Maria Bark; Olin will play his wife, Simone. Zilliacus plays the detective on the case.

THE HYPNOTIST begins principle photography in Stockholm in January. The film’s theatrical bow in Sweden is planned for October, 2012.

Lena Olin

Extra Tidbit: Is your interest growing in THE HYPNOTIST?
Source: THR



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