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Last Exorcism gets freaky with its Chatroulette viral marketing!

08.20.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Chatroulette is something that I just can't seem to get. You enter, flip through a few boring chat rooms until you find the girl that you almost had a chance to talk with, find out she made a perfectly good assessment of you in two seconds flat and moves on without responding to your hello. At that point you're stuck staring into the junk of another man. You need some serious balls to get through an entire night of Chatroulette. No seriously, it seems that's all that's there.

Well Strike entertainment and StudioCanal seem to have adopted the genius of flipping randomly through chat rooms for their latest spine tingling horror flick THE LAST EXORCISM. Now personally, I love me some viral but this takes it to a whole new level. It seems that as you venture through the rooms you'll eventually find certain surprises that might make your lonely nights on the web just a tad bit more exciting.

If you have the stomach to take the ballsy images on there I'd suggest you head out to Chatroulette and see the sucker yourself. Oh and you'll recognize it when you do. So turn up the speakers, put away the tissue and see the next wave of viral marketing. Or you can just head over here and oggle at this wall crawler of a poster

So how do you like this kind of marketing anyway? Do you think this rocks or will just open the doors to even more media promotion on Chatroulette? THE LAST EXORCISM comes to theaters August 27th. 

This whole acrobatic angle is getting old.

Extra Tidbit: My first experience on Chatroulette was not pleasant at all.
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