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Last House trailer when?

01.08.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Those of you excited about seeing THE UNBORN this weekend now have even more reason to plop your ass in the theater. According to STYD, Rogue Pictures is attaching a trailer for THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT to the David Goyer flick.

But even if you don't plan on checking out THE UNBORN (what's the matter with you, haven't you seen that ass?!), it looks like you'll be able to watch the trailer in the safety of your own home. Wes Craven's Twitter page informs us that LAST HOUSE will debut tomorrow on Apple.com. Naturally, as soon as it hits, we'll give you the heads-up.

And in case you missed it, here is the official LAST HOUSE synopsis - which certainly indicates at least one big change from the original: The night she arrives at the remote Collingwood lakehouse, Mari (Sara Paxton) and her friend are kidnapped by a prison escapee and his crew. Terrified and left for dead, Mari's only hope is to make it back to parents John and Emma (Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter). Unfortunately, her attackers unknowingly seek shelter at the one place she could be safe. And when her family learns the horrifying story, they will make three strangers curse the day they came to "The Last House on the Left."

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT currently doesn't have a set release date, although at one point a late March debut was rumored...

Monica Potter

Source: STYDTwitter



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