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Latest Jeepers Creepers talk: Victor Salva says Part 3 will be end of trilogy

07.08.2011by: Jared Pacheco

You guys are aware that there's a JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 in the works right? Hell the thing already has a subtitle! (JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL) Surprised by this news? No worries, our last update on this shite was way back in February so it's understandable if you've forgotten all about it.

Alas today I'm here to drop you all a little reminder! You see JEEPERS CREEPERS director Victor Salva, who is actually working on ROSEWOOD LANE right now, recently chatted it up with Daily Blam about a few of his upcoming projects including LANE and, you guessed it, JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Apparently the filmmaker has recently been approached about making the third film in 3D. Scope out his response:

"3D would absolutely devastate the script - since the added 2 to 3 million in production costs would strip the screenplay down to a point where it would be smaller in scale than the original Jeepers Creepers. And then even that money dried up. I would say the film has been on and off the front burner at least nine times during the last few years."

He goes on to explain what he plans to do with the third flick and where it stands in regards to production:

"The third Jeepers film, and I can't tell you how it ends but it is a real show-stopper, I designed to kick off a thirteen episode season of a TV series, that explores The Creeper, his truck, and the massive 'Cathedral' like Creeper-lair they find in the third film."

"It has come close several times to going before cameras, and I hope someone sees the wisdom in shooting this, the third and final Creeper tale, I still can't tell you what the fate of this third film will be. According to IMBD we are already filming - I guess they started without any of us!"

So there you have it folks. A nice juicy JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 update for you all but unfortunately it looks like this one is still waiting to take off. As soon as we hear more on the long-awaited sequel we'll be sure to pass the good word along to all of you.


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Extra Tidbit: According to IMDB, along with Ray Wise and Jonathan Breck JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL will also star Luke Edwards, Marieh Delfino, Lo Bosworth, Kevon Kane, Brandon Smith and the first film's Gina Philips. Mind you this casting is yet to be confirmed.
Source: Daily Blam



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