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07.13.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Over the years it seems as though the MPAA rating for a film is almost as important as the film itself. When I was a kid (like 3 years old), I couldn't see R rated movies. Then maybe 10 years ago, studios caught on that tykes would rarely be able to see R rated movies, but were welcomed with open arms into PG-13 rated movies- and as a result, most movies made today that would have went for an R rating 10 years ago, are now going for a PG-13 rating to fit more butts into seats. Lack of nudity, language, and gore has been a plague for ALL MOVIES ever since.

But you already knew this. Today Box Office Mojo scored a few newly announced MPAA ratings for a couple of upcoming movies that you may (or may not) be looking forward to. First up, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. Don't worry folks, nothing to fear here as it received a glorious R rating for strong horror violence throughout and some nudity. R for nudity in a movie starring Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter (pictured above)? Could possibly be the best in the series. The previous films were both rated R, but with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD rockin' a PG-13 this summer, it just goes to show that anything's possible, and there's a first time for PG-13 in any film series. Just not RESIDENT EVIL.

The other film that may just interest you to know is the Warner Bros. remake of ONE MISSED CALL also received it's rating today, and (surprise, surprise) it's gonna be PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, frightening images, some sexual material and thematic elements. Only in a f*cked up MPAA state of mind would you rate a movie with all that PG-13, and rate a movie with seemingly very little (EXTINCTION) with an R. And so goes the logic behind the whole rating system.

So there you have it! RE: EXTINCTION is R, ONE MISSED CALL is PG-13. If you had any hopes for CALL, flush them officially down the toilet, and if you had reservations about EXTINCTION, just know that there will be nudity involved! EXTINCTION hits theaters September 21st, while ONE MISSED CALL is aiming to be dumped January 4th, 2008.

ONE MISSED CALL star Shannyn Sossamon = PG-13?
Not in my book.
Source: BoxOfficeMojo



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