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Latest trailer for The Dead Matter, starring Andrew Divoff and Tom Savini

06.08.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

A few years ago we showed you the first teaser trailer for Edward Douglas's THE DEAD MATTER (check that shit out HERE). Today we have the brand-new, all-improved, full trailer for the flick for your enjoyment below, and boy is it a whopper!

Starring Andrew Divoff, Jason Carter, and Tom Savini, THE DEAD MATTER goes a little something like this: [The film] tells the story of a vampire relic with occult powers that falls into the hands of a grief-stricken young woman who will do anything to contact her dead brother.

While that might not blow your skirt up, the new trailer will surely induce some raised eyebrows on your end, and there ain't nothing wrong with that! And who doesn't like a bit of Divoff and Savini mixed into their daily routine? It's a win-win deal!

Enjoy the trailer below, and get ready for THE DEAD MATTER on DVD July 30, 2010.

Extra Tidbit: THE DEAD MATTER writer / director / composer / producer Edward Douglas composed the score for Robert Kurtzman's THE RAGE.
Source: AITH



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