Laura Brent takes the lead in The CW's Transylvania

Production will soon begin on the pilot episode of The CW's 1880-set horror series Transylvania, a project we've been keeping track of for the last couple months, and when cameras start rolling it will be Australian actress Laura Brent who steps in front of them to play the lead character Victoria, 

a headstrong young woman in search of her missing father who ventures from NYC to Transylvania where she teams up with a wrongfully disgraced Scotland Yard Detective, and together they witness the births of the most famous monsters and villains in history.

The pilot is being directed by Jason Ensler from a teleplay by Hugh Sterbakov, who will also be executive producing the show with the men behind the production company Midnight Radio; Jeff Pinkner, Andre Nemec, Josh Applebaum, and Scott Rosenberg. The first Midnight Radio project was the CBS killer animal show Zoo.

As Transylvania continues to come together, I am very much looking forward to seeing which "famous monsters" will end up on the show, who will be portraying them, and how they'll be presented. The presence of Dracula has to be a given.

Interestingly, executive producer Pinkner is also part of Universal's endeavor to revive their famous monsters, as he is currently working on the script for a remake of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.

Extra Tidbit: How does Transylvania sound to you?
Source: Deadline



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