Lavalantula sequel has already been greenlit

LAVALANTULA, Mike Mendez's latest giant spider epic (starring Steve Guttenberg!) aired on July 25th during SyFy's ever popular Sharknado week. Hoping to piggyback on the success of SHARKNADO (which just saw its second sequel - SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! - and has a fourth flick on the way, with Tara Reid's fate hanging in the balance), they've already announced a sequel - to be titled LAVA 2 LANTULA!, which will feature the return of the lava-spewing giant spiders for further adventures.

The cast (which includes Nia Peeples, Ralph Garmin, Patrick Renna, and Guttenberg's POLICE ACADEMY co-stars Leslie Easterbrook, Marion Ramsey, and Michael Winslow) are currently in talks to return, but the luster of these intentionally bad schlockbusters is waning about as quickly as SyFy can pump them out. By the time LAVA 2 LANTULA! reaches its intended Summer 2016 release date, the market for these things might already have completely collapsed.

Full disclosure, I kind of hope it does, if only because the word LAVALANTULA is hell on my spell check. Check out the trailer for the original (it feels weird using that word, considering it came out last week) LAVALANTULA below!

Extra Tidbit: Did anybody check out LAVALANTULA? What do you think?
Source: Deadline



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