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Leave a light on for the poster for Irish sci-fi horror Black Horizon

07.22.2014by: Kevin Woods

The Fantasia International Film Festival is currently underway and today we have the new artwork for the Off-Frontières project BLACK HORIZON to share with ya, so we hope you brought along a flashlight.

Directed by Canadian-Irish director George Kane, BLACK HORIZON concerns...

...a group of friends who go camping and wake up in a dark, endless void. As they run out of food, fuel and light; the friends start to turn on each other and things take a turn for the surreal.  

The new artwork seen below was designed by Annie Atkins in conjunction with Jonathon McGonnell. Atkins was the lead graphic designer for THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, while illustrator Jonathan McGonnell also has an impressive portfolio, having produced concept art for popular shows such as "Penny Dreadful" and "Vikings" among many others. Director George Kane shares...

"The film is a Bermuda triangle type story. The concept for the poster came out of the 'everyone is a suspect' mentality. We liked the idea of each person pointing a torch at the next, and the continuous loop that this presents overhead."

It's a pretty interesting poster, and the idea behind BLACK HORIZON is rather intriguing. Hopefully we'll see a trailer for this one soon.

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Extra Tidbit: Does the idea behind BLACK HORIZON sound intriguing to you?
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