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Legendary picks up sci-fi script Reminiscence

10.15.2013by: Kevin Woods

Legendary Pictures, who brought us Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM this summer and will be releasing 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE and GODZILLA in the coming months, has bought the rights to a spec script for a large-scaled sci-fi thriller titled REMINISCENCE, which was written by Lisa Joy, best known for her TV work on "Burn Notice" and "Pushing Daisies" as well as the upcoming WESTWORLD series for HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter

No producers are attached as the script went straight to buyers and sources say the script sold in the seven-figure range.

Alex Hedlund will oversee production for Legendary.

No plot details are being revealed, but it does fall in Legendary's tentpole-sized genre fare wheelhouse. Hopefully we'll be hearing a basic logline for this one soon as the title alone has me curious.

We'll keep you posted on news regarding REMINISCENCE as it comes our way.



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