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Leguizamo Dishes Dead

01.12.2005by: Matt Withers
Leguizamo Dishes Dead
"I've never worked in a movie where there was so much f***ing [gore]? They put, like, real guts in mannequins and then they pull at spleens and intestines..."

John Leguizamo on LOTD

IGN FilmForce scored an interview with John Leguizamo where he shares his opinion on being in LAND OF THE DEAD, as well as dropping some thoughts on the plethora of zombie flicks out there. Here's a taste:

"I play a zombie killer. It's an apocalyptic world. It's very political too. It's very operatic, man. It's a very ambitious piece. It's an action movie, it's political. It's got a little bit of comic relief as well. The zombies have taken over and there's only certain patches of right wing people controlling everything… Then there's the working class people, which is me and Simon Baker coming in to try and help to get supplies from the zombies. [We are] minimum wage men. (Laughs) It's a weird thing. I've got my own hypothesis too about [the politics]. I think it all has to do with, in that situation with the war in Iraq and all that and our sense of, it lightens things up, when you can't take death so seriously, it lightens it up. It plays with that, sort of, our anxiety. I know I've got a lot of anxiety. I think it has to do with right-wing, neo-conservatives controlling things and corporate power..."

Technically the interview was part of a press junket for ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, but here's a big thanks to John for giving some info on the project we really wanted to hear about! You can check out the rest of the interview here.

Source: IGN FilmForce



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