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Leigh Whannell and the Spierig brothers team for Stem

08.26.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Screenwriter Leigh Whannell (INSIDIOUS, SAW) is going sci-fi with his next project, a film called STEM. While details are light on the film, it is apparently being set up with the Spierig brothers directing. Those fellows, you'll recall, helmed the zombie indie UNDEAD as well as the ambitious vampire thriller DAYBREAKERS.

This is the word from Whannell in regards to STEM:

Itís a sci-fi film in the vein of the Terminator, set in the near future. At the moment itís got the Spierig brothers attached to direct, so we might shoot it in Australia and make it kind of an Aussie genre dream team.ď

Whannell also has COOTIES, a horror-comedy film being produced by Elijah Wood, in the works. Meanwhile, the Spierigs are re-teaming with their DAYBREAKERS star Ethan Hawke for PREDESTINATION, another futuristic sci-fi tale.

We'll update you on STEM when we hear more.



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