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Len Wiseman set to direct paranormal spy movie Black Chapter

Apr. 22, 2014by: Eric Walkuski

Len Wiseman has finally found his next big screen directorial effort. (You were waiting with baited breath, right?)

Mr. Kate Beckinsale will direct BLACK CHAPTER, based on an idea cooked up by Wiseman and Zak Penn (ELEKTRA). David Ellison's Skydance Productions (STAR TREK) will produce the flick, which combines the sci-fi and spy genres.

Though details are slim, The Wrap reveals BLACK CHAPTER chronicles

an FBI agent who joins a classified military program that endows its operates with paranormal abilities.

Len and Zak have created a truly original piece of science fiction that reimagines the spy genre set in the world of the supernatural, Ellison said in a statement. This is exactly the type of original story telling that we want to produce and I am thrilled to be in business with both of them.

Obviously we'll have to wait to hear more about this project before we can get too excited, but right now I kind of dig the brief synopsis we're dealing with. It IS Wiseman, however, and we know his results tend to be mixed.

Source: The Wrap


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