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Lengthy plot synopsis & promo poster for Gordon Yang's Secrets From Her Past

06.07.2011by: Jake Dee

I'm not quite sure this'll jive with the AITH contingent, but it seems like it has enough of a genre bent to give some run...

We just caught wind of a new flick called SECRETS FROM HER PAST, for which we have a lengthy synopsis and promo poster. You ready to see what this sucker's all about?

Directed by Gordon Yang, from a script by Danise Lee and Christine Conradt - SECRETS FROM HER PAST dates back:

Ten years ago, when Kate Collins (Ashley Jones) was a different person. Literally. She was living in Chicago, working as a bartender, and going by her real name ‘Stephanie Wickers.’ That all changed when she witnessed the murder of her boss by a ruthless member of an up and coming crime syndicate named Alek Ravik (Al Sapienza). Knowing that Klebanov saw her, she faked her death, changed her name, and went into hiding in Philadelphia.

Now, Kate is fairly happily married to her husband David (Michael Woods) and has an 8-year-old son. She runs a gym with the help of her best friend Hannah (Nicole deBoer) and is about to open a second. David’s work at the hospital is demanding of his time and the couple is in serious debt after paying for David’s medical school when he opted for a mid-life career change, but overall, Kate has a pretty good life.

Unfortunately, her past is about to catch up with her…

When a crooked cop retires and young, eager Detective Miesen (Alain Chanoine) is chosen to head a new task force to tackle crime syndicates in Chicago, the unsolved murder case is reopened. Miesen believes that Kate/Stephanie is still alive and begins to look for her. Unfortunately, so does Alek…

Alek sends hit man Misha (Mark Slacke) to locate Kate and kill her. But eager to get out of the country and away from Alek himself, Misha decides that instead of killing her, blackmail would be a better option. He tells Kate that she has 4 days to come up with $200K, or he’ll kill her and collect the $50K Alek promised him. Kate, wanting to put this to bed as quickly as possible and not let her husband know that everything she’s told him about herself is a lie, starts searching for a way to secure the money. When it doesn’t come together the way she hoped, Kate goes to Dr. Shawn Tessle (Antonio Sabato, Jr.), who is one of David’s colleagues at work and a wealthy playboy. Shawn agrees to loan her the money, but expects that it will be the beginning of a love affair between them that Kate has no interest in. Meanwhile, David starts to suspect there might actually be an affair going on between Kate and Shawn and begins to get suspicious when Kate has clandestine meetings and can’t explain the important calls she takes at night.

Kate manages to come up with the money but when she goes to make the exchange with Misha, Alek, tipped off that Misha might betray him, arrives and kills Misha. He goes after Kate but she’s able to get away temporarily. Now, she has one of Chicago’s most ruthless criminals after her and her family…

No telling when SECRETS FROM HER PAST will be exposed, but keep it here for any and all updates.

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Extra Tidbit: Antonio Sabato Jr. is still alive? Who knew?



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