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The Mechanical Grave arrives on DVD in all its steam-powered splendor

06.01.2012by: Andy Madrzak

It's been awhile since we heard of THE MECHANICAL GRAVE, the "steampunk-horror extravaganza" from director Jon Keeyes, but fortunately that's only because the Sirs and Madams behind this curious contraption have been busy putting the finishing touches to the 15-minute short film. In fact, not only is the movie finished, but it is already screening at events across the country and is also available for purchase. Last but not least, we have obtained some impressive imagery, including the film's poster, for your viewing pleasure. I kindly suggest that you point your optical apparatus below.

The year is 1895. Steam-powered ships fly through the air. Clockwork robots have replaced servants. And a grisly murder has taken place in the dark night of New York City. Called to the scene of the ritualistic murder, newly appointed police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt discovers Detective Wayne and his police officers power usurped by two special investigators appointed by the White House: Occultist Edgar Allan Poe, a clockwork automaton housing the soul of the literary legend, and Mrs. Emma Entwistle, a dangerous assassin with a unique connection to the Otherworld. When they elicit information from the demon Neshrew, a much darker and more dangerous plot of world domination is uncovered.

Directed by Jon Keeyes, THE MECHANICAL GRAVE stars Jonathan Brooks, Nicole Leigh, Matthew Tompkins, Michael Crabtree, Charles Baker, James Cable, Chad Cox, Chuck Huber, Trey Walpole and Erin Marie Garrett. You can buy it HERE.

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Extra Tidbit: Charles Baker, otherwise known as Skinny Pete from AMC's Breaking Bad, appears in this one as "a smarmy demon and deliciously evil Neshrew".



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