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Hammer rolls cameras on The Quiet Ones starring Jared Harris

06.12.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Good news for all you fans of classic horror. As we've learned today, courtesy of Simon Oakes, president & CEO of Hammer, the studio's latest supernatural thriller/horror THE QUIET ONES has just started shooting on location in Oxfordshire.

Inspired by true events, The Quiet Ones tells the story of an unorthodox, but charismatic Professor (Harris) who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist from negative human energy.

Directed by John Pogue, THE QUIET ONES stars Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Erin Richards (below), Olivia Cooke and West End theater actor Rory Fleck-Byrne. The script was penned by Tom DeVille, with revisions by Craig Rosenberg, Oren Moverman and Pogue. We're sure to learn more details as the production moves forward.

Extra Tidbit: After the recent success of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, are you looking forward to more Hammer horror?



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