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Lexi dishes WarZone

12.12.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Just last week director Lexi Alexander spilled her guts about her upcoming PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, and apparently... people wanted to know even more! So she teamed up with SuperHeroHype and their message boards, and she went on to answer questions that the fans were dying to know...!

I actually think this is the way interviews should go, by getting the questions directly from the intended audience. Yes, it may be considered a cop-out to some, but at least you know the questions and answers are what fans are really looking for, and not just what you think they're looking for.

Like most message boards, there's a lot of back and forth, lots of fans comments, and while Lexi does answer questions, you really have to search. So I've made your life easier and posted a snippet or two of some of the questions she was able to answer:

1.) Will you use the Central Park massacre that was so integral to the real Frank Castle's storyline?

It won't begin with another origin as we've already seen several takes on it so far but the scene will be referenced during the course of the movie. Take a look at issue 1 of the MAX series for an idea of the direction being taken.

2.) You mentioned you loved Marines, will Frank be a Marine this time or (PLEASE NO!) an ex Army Ranger/FBI-agent?

His character is an ex-U.S. Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War. I am a big fan of the Vietnam background of the character and particularly his portrayal in the Born storyline but unfortunately there is no practical way to incorporate this into his background for War Zone. There would need to be quite a big shift in time lines and artistic license is something you can't really have when dealing with factual events, particularly something as significant as the Vietnam war.

3.) What are some of your other favorite issues you have read, being that you have confirmed you enjoyed the year one storyline, have you gotten inspiration from any older titles?

Elements from the War Journal, War Zone and Armory issues as well as the later Garth Ennis penned titles all have an influence in the movie. The Year One story was excellent but it's not an area that is explored in any great deal.

4.) We all wish you would open your blog up for fan input, is there any special reason why your website hasnt allowed for input?

Filming schedules by their very nature are demanding and time consuming beasts so other than the initial casting announcements there's been no time to update the blog. Now that the movie is moving into post production there will be new updates very soon.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Very cool info spilled right here though, and I don't think I'm the only one who appreciates the fact that this chick is smokin' hot, and a huge Punisher fan - someone this close to the original comic surely will try and go for a film that's true to the series... plus, it's nice that the Punisher will just start out as 'the Punisher,' and not yet another origins piece.

To check out the full thread, with eight pages worth of banter, but a few gems chimed in by Lexi herself, go ahead and click HERE, and stick around for those blog updates Lexi promised once production wraps (next week).

Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle in Marine mode in PUNISHER: WAR ZONE.
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