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Life is A Sweet and Vicious Beauty in Piranha Pictures latest film. Check out the teaser and first promo pic.

04.10.2012by: Andy Madrzak

The creative bunch over at Piranha Pictures have revealed the first teaser trailer, along with a promo pic (above), for its newest production, A SWEET AND VICIOUS BEAUTY. You can check out the atmospheric, axe-and-arterial-spray-heavy teaser below.

Capturing the Gothic flavor of films like the productions of Hammer Studios or Roger Corman's Poe pictures, this movie is guaranteed to cause death of fright in babies, small dogs, dinosaurs (in theory), and Congressmen (over 65 only). Shot in the DC/Baltimore area, the film was written and directed by Eric Thornett and stars Bette Cassatt, Sara Cole and Brenden McDougal.

Looks promising. You can never have too much old school 70s-inspired horror. We'll keep you updated should any further info (including the potential release date) as it trickles out.

Extra Tidbit: Did you lose your head for the teaser or did it leave you with a strange and sickly feeling?



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