Lin Oeding to direct Jane Levy in Office Uprising

Lin Oeding

When we first heard about OFFICE UPRISING back in February, SILENT NIGHT director Steven C. Miller was set to direct it. Within a week we heard that Brenton Thwaites, Ian Harding, and Jane Levy of EVIL DEAD 2013 and DON'T BREATHE had signed on to star in the movie... and then things got quiet.

At some point over the ensuing months, Miller has vacated the director's seat, but the cast that joined the project while he was involved are still attached to it. As OFFICE UPRISING gears up to begin filming in Alabama at the end of this month, Miller's replacement has been found.

OFFICE UPRISING will now be directed by veteran stuntman Lin Oeding. While Oeding's biggest credits are among the twenty years of stunts he has under his belt, he has also directed a few shorts, a couple episodes of Chicago P.D. and the upcoming grindhouse-style series Blood Drive, and a Jason Momoa / Stephen Lang action movie called BRAVEN.

Scripted by Ian Shorr and Peter Gamble Robinson, OFFICE UPRISING will center on Thwaites' character, 

an underachiever working at a major weapons manufacturing firm who finds that his co-workers have been “weaponized” by a new energy drink designed for the military. He must then set off to rescue his one true love from an office building full of psychotic coworkers armed with deadly tech.

A director with a stunt background taking on something that sounds as action-packed as this seems like a good mix to me, and there's no way I won't be watching a movie about energy drink maniacs sporting sci-fi weaponry. I'm glad this starts filming soon, because I want to watch it soon.

Jane Levy


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