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Lionsgate releasing werewolf flick Dark Moon Rising this June as Wolf Moon

03.31.2010by: Jared Pacheco

The last we told you about the werewolf flick DARK MOON RISING came all the way back in October. October! That's a long time to wait just to watch some werewolf action! This shite better be worth it, right?! Well we'll be getting the chance to decide very soon!

Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced today that they'll be releasing DARK MOON RISING on DVD this June. June 22nd to be exact. Only the flick won't be called DARK MOON RISING. Oh no. Lionsgate are changing the title to WOLF MOON. Why? I have no idea. DARK MOON RISING is a much meatier title but I suppose we'll have to make do.

Real love and fate colliding in a small town girl's life as Amy falls in love with a mysterious drifter who brings with him a family curse and the unimaginable horror that follows. Bender, who shares the curse with his son, brings hell to Amy's small town. As Dan and Amy's love is put to the test, Thibodeaux, an ex-cop from another city who has witnessed Bender's lust for blood firsthand, Sam, the local sheriff and an ex homicide detective, and John, a local farmer and Amy's father, head for the ultimate showdown with Bender and the evil web of terror that he has drawn them all into.

DARK MOON RISING WOLF MOON comes from writer/director/producer/actor Dana Mennie and stars Max Ryan, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ginny Weirick, Arielle Vandenberg (below), Chris Mulkey, Lin Shaye and Sid Haig! A new trailer recently popped up on the net for DARK MOON RISING WOLF MOON as well so I went ahead and tossed that shite up over in our videos section. Just scroll down below to check it out!

Don't forget folks, the WOLF MOON rises onto DVD June 22nd!

Extra Tidbit: Which title do you like more: DARK MOON RISING or WOLF MOON?
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