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Lionsgate/WGA hug it out

01.25.2008by: Eric Walkuski

We haven't dealt too directly with strike-related business here at AITH - we've pretty much only reported on the darn thing's casualties, but this here's a bit different - as another company has signed an interim agreement to get writers back to scribbling... If it were Disney striking a deal, I doubt many of you would give a flying ferret, but the studio in question happens to be Lionsgate.

If you don't pay attention to such things, Lionsgate is the biggest purveyor of mainstream horror in our lives, churning out - among other titles - the SAW franchise, both HOSTEL's, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, today's RAMBO release, and the upcoming THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, THE SPIRIT, THE BURROWERS, DAYBREAKERS, CABIN FEVER 2, and THE EYE (okay, maybe we can live without that one)... So you see, it behooves us genre fans to have them back in business.

Dimension is, of course, the other major player in this field. Their parent company, The Weinstein Co., signed a similar deal a few weeks ago. Now earlier today, Ammon told you about HELLRAISER getting pushed back, perhaps due to the strike, which still may be the case even though it's at Dimension - these "interim" deals in some cases are only for scripts that existed already, not for brand-new projects (it's also entirely possible HELLRAISER simply won't be ready in 8 months). I guess time will tell. I think this thing will be over soon - fingers crossed!

(Side note: Now it looks like Marvel studios has just struck a deal. Can we finally end the madness wholesale now??)

C'mon everyone - Jessica needs to get to work on THE EYE 2, stat!



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