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John Carpenter's Lost Themes II releases 1st track; new tour dates announced

02.17.2016by: Eric Walkuski


I'm a very big fan of John Carpenter's first album, Lost Themes, so it goes that I'm very much looking forward to Lost Themes II, which is due in April. Sacred Bones Records, the company behind Carpenter's new tunes, has given us a tease of Lost Themes II with "Distant Dream," which is the first track and can be listened to below. And yes, it's The Carp in all his synth glory!

Carpenter has also announced a slew of tour dates in the U.S.; you can check them all out HERE. I'll be at the one in NY, so drop by and say hello!

You can pre-order Lost Themes II on Amazon HERE or iTunes right now HERE. It comes out on April 15th.



Extra Tidbit: Will you be seeing Carpenter in concert?



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