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12.27.2012by: Mike Catalano

Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Genre Hotties of 2012

If there's one thing our beloved genre nearly never disappoints on delivering, it's the hotties! So many lovely nubile women have screamed their way into our hearts this past year that I found it quite difficult narrowing this list down to just 10. So, if you feel that I've skipped over a beauty that really strokes you the right way, give that girl some love in the bullet spitting section below. But for now, feel free to click through my list of what I feel were the top hotties of the genre for 2012 (like you really need another reason to check out a list comprised of sexy babes). Enjoy!

10) Jamie King

Ms. King is rapidly becoming one of the top scream queens of our beloved genre. The fact that she has a knack for choosing holiday-themed horror flicks (My Bloody Valentine, Mother's Day, and Silent Night) is just a pleasant coincidence, however what really allows her to rise above the rest are two key factors: one, she's gorgeous and two, she can actually act! You know what really makes Silent Night such an enjoyable horror romp? Jamie's performance as the lead! She's able to convey a great deal out of what could have easily been a forgettable cop character. The fact that she's in a bulky police uniform for the entire flick and still exudes hotness is a Christmas miracle!

9) Anne Hathaway

How incredible was Ms. Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises? It's a credit to her abilities as an actress to be able to take a character that has been done so many times before and make it her own in a compellingly watchable manner! Oh, yeah, it helps that her behind looks amazing in that black cat suit. Meow indeed! Plus, she's got a gorgeous face for the ages. Bats is damn lucky to spend his retirement years with this sexy little pussy.

8) Jessica Biel

Arguably the most beautiful actress in cinema, Miss Biel provided two large surprises for our genre this year in the interestingly twisty suspense flick, The Tall Man. One, she gave a commanding performance in a type of role that she has never played before. And two, she let her gorgeous looks take a back seat in order to concentrate fully on her character! Yeah, Jessica literally got down and dirty here in a very non-glamorous role. She's gets beaten up and thrown in the mud. Of course, she still is Jessica Biel and as long as you can tell that it's here onscreen, there will always be an inherent hotness that is just inescapable. Which is why she makes this list.

7) Emily Blunt

A classic beauty that I'm happy to include on this list. You could get lost in those f*cking eyes of hers for days, but then you might miss out on the rest of her stellar features. Smooth, light skin, excellent curvature, and that damn sexy accent of hers. It was nice to see that she even has the ability to take on an action-type genre role in Looper. I've been a longtime fan of hers since she broke onto the scene in that Devil Wears Prada flick. Nice to see her rising to A-list status just as something of mine rises whenever she's onscreen.

6) Anna Lynn McCord

Here's another incredibly sexy hottie who ditched some of the glamour for a juicy genre-themed role. In Excision, she gets down and dirty, but in a much gorier sense. Again, though, it doesn't matter how much red you throw at her, she's still got that super sexy face with the most mesmerizing pair of eyes. And that tight little body of hers doesn't hurt either (unless she's stabbing you while on top). Even then, though, what a way to go out!

5) Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ms. Winstead is graceful genre hotness perfection! She has this unmistakable charm and sweetness that is simply irresistible. In the period genre offering, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, she is the epitome of exquisitely refined hotness as Honest Abe's main squeeze. Her beautiful face is filled with such purity and brightness, it's almost a shame that all I want to do is ravenously deflower her! I want to chop down and then pop her cherry tree! I want to four score with her for seven hours at a time! You get the idea.

4) Katrina Bowden

Recently, Miss Bowden has really been making a name for herself in our genre. And goody for us because as you can see, she is an ultimate hottie. Honestly, from face to boobies to booty to legs, she is a dead knockout. Her lustful demeanor is used to very pleasuring heights in Piranha 3DD. There is no nudity, but we do get a few very memorable scenes of her in various stages of undress. I mean. the mere fact that she went along with the disgustingly morbid scenario that her character goes through in the flick, makes her a winner in my book. I mean, what do you think when you're reading a script and it says a baby piranha swims up your vagina and then comes out while you're having sex? Regardless, if you're ever watching this flick for a good laugh, the manner with which she bags her man to have sex with her before the piranha makes his appearance is more than worth the price of admission.

3) Kate Beckinsale

Selene, Miss Beckinsale's character in the Underworld movies, is most likely one of the sexiest vampire genre hotties to ever grace the silver screen. No one seems to be able to fill out a tight leather bodysuit as amazingly sexy as Kate. And her gorgeous, pale face and supple curves only make me want to stake her harder, and I'm not talking about staking through the heart. Oh no, I mean staking her as in the wooden stake is really my woody and her heart is her lower vaginal zone. Too graphic? Probably not if you're a regular reader of this site. What I'm getting at is, Kate Beckinsale will always be an ultimate hottie and there's nothing we can do about it and there's probably nothing we even want to do about it. Sorry, I'm just having trouble focusing because I'm continuously playing the scene of Kate's ass crawling through the vent from Underworld: Awakening in my head.

2) Anna Hutchison (Cabin in the Woods)

It makes sense that Joss Whedon's love letter to horror movie fans would succeed in the scream queen hottie department. Relative newcomer, Anna Hutchison, makes for a slenderly sumptuous sexpot with some extremely memorable scenes! First off, her little truth or dare, strangely hot make-out with that wolf head is howlingly horny-inducing. From there, she shakes her ass in some jean shorts in a wonderful dance by the fireplace. By now, the viewer is all primed and ready to take action and Ms. Hutchison is happy to sensuously please by granting us a lovely nude sex scene in the forest. Just beautiful.

1) Kristen Connolly (Cabin in the Woods)

A little surprised by Miss Connolly's underdog rise to the top spot? Don't be. Sure, Anna Hutchison was the chick who got to really show off the goods in Cabin in the Woods, but the sheer, yet subtle, intensity of Kristen's entire being as a whole is just too mesmerizing to pass up. She embodies everything I could possibly ask for in a horror movie final girl. Her performance in the film was perfect. We're talking Jamie Lee Curtis status, but with a more drop dead gorgeous face. She takes cute to astronomically high levels of horniness. She makes cute f*cking hot! Yet still somehow maintains this sweet girl-next-door essence that almost makes you feel you'd have a shot with her. That is one hell of an impressive persona and richly deserves to be voted number one!



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3:10PM on 12/27/2012
I love your Top 2 picks , and Annalynne McCord was a great touch , but the others are too ' safe ' . How about Gretchen Lodge , Katharine Isabelle , Leticia Dolera , Elizabeth Olsen ?? Good job , coulda been stellar .
I love your Top 2 picks , and Annalynne McCord was a great touch , but the others are too ' safe ' . How about Gretchen Lodge , Katharine Isabelle , Leticia Dolera , Elizabeth Olsen ?? Good job , coulda been stellar .
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