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02.27.2014by: The Arrow

Arrow says! 8 reasons why I want a RoboCop sequel!

Although the RoboCop reboot underperformed in North America ($43,600,000), it has nabbed $143,600,000 in terms of worldwide box office so far, making its $100,000,000 budget back, plus a profit. And I expect it to be a hit when it surfaces on VOD, Netflix and Blu-Ray. All that to say there is hope for a RoboCop sequel and after seeing the film again recently (I brought my friend's kid, he loved the shit out of it), I for one am excited about the prospect! I know I am in the minority but I enjoyed the reboot! It's not perfect by any means and can't lick the original's metal feet, but there was enough potential there to deliver what SHOULD BE a badass sequel IMO. So on that, here are 8 reasons WHY I want a RoboCop sequel!


Spitting Bullets
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