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Dec. 30, 2011by: Jake Dee

HORROR TEN SPOT: My Favorite Genre Hotties of 2011

As 2011 winds to a close, I know you've been inundated with all kinds of year-end lists and best-of compilations. Well, I suppose this one is not all that different. But instead of celebrating my favorite films of the year, or my favorite kills of the year as I did at the end of 2010, I'm going a different route to cap off the 2011 movie-going season. That's right ladies and gents, I'm diving head first into the shallowest of puddles by awarding my the top ten genre hotties of the year. No shame here, I'm simply calling out the lovely ladies who partook in at least one major mainstream genre film...and caught my attention in so doing. New names and old you'll find below, hopefully each will continue to champion our taste in film and offer solid work for many more moons to come. Here now are my Top Ten genre Hotties of 2011.
Spitting Bullets
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