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09.25.2009by: Matt Withers

HORROR TEN SPOT: Top 10 Sci-Fi Horror

Two genres that are particularly suited to each other when done well are Science Fiction and Horror. Of course a lot more people take a shot at it than succeed, but in some ways that just makes the great ones even more satisfying.</p></p>

The biggest problem with a list like this isn't finding great movies to fill it with, but rather deciding which pics qualify. A flick like ROBOCOP is super tempting to include, but doesn't really have a true horror vibe to it, even though it's awesome, violent, mayhem.</p></p>

So let's get to the list and see which movie The Arrow himself promised me a world of hurt if I left it off. And as usual, if you disagree with my reasoning, or just want to throw out some contenders that aren't present, spit those bullets with authority!


Spitting Bullets
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