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Oct. 25, 2013by: The Arrow

The Arrow's 7 Halloween horror movie watches!

Hey boys and ghouls and girls! Halloween is in 6 days and I've been prepping my "Halloween Movie Marathon" selection for a month now, yes I love the Holiday with no day off THAT much! Like most of you I am sure! This year as opposed to say the last 5 years, I decided to seek out horror movies that I haven't seen a zillion times and that I normally don't put on come Halloween... or ever. So crack open a beer and check out what I'll be tapping this coming Halloween! I got 6 picks, plus the morning after, hangover movie! So 7 flicks in all! Who knows, maybe some of my picks are the same as yours! Now that I'm at it, what about you? What will you be clocking this Halloween? Share your picks below in the comment section! Rock! \m/
Spitting Bullets
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