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08.22.2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 dames to kill for in 2014!

So, who's primed to undress A DAME TO KILL FOR this weekend? To be honest, I really can't tell by the clips and trailers if SIN CITY 2 will be better or worse than the '05 original, but one thing is certain, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have assembled the finest female cast this side of the latest AVN awards! Good lord! I'm talking Alba, Dawson, Green, King, Temple, Chung, Vega - and those are just the names you know! Anyway, as a fun little titular-spin-off exercise, we thought it'd be a blast on this summer Friday to peek back at 2014 thus far, and take stock of all the female actresses who've been busting balls in the genre world. Film, TV, doesn't long as they're currently cracking skulls... we're blowing some motherf*cking kisses! You down? Well then, bang it above to scope our Top 10 Dames To Kill For so far in 2014!


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