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Jan. 24, 2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 Frankenstein Flicks!

So, who's pumped for I, FRANKENSTEIN coming out this week? To be honest, as much as I dig the sick Doctor's age old creation of the patchwork zombie with moral shadings - I kind of think this new Aaron Eckhart joint looks pretty silly. I mean, a PG-13 January release? Not very promising in my opinion. Unfortunate, again, mainly for the rich tradition of such a venerated character born onscreen in 1931. And just as fascinating as the character itself is how the monster has evolved and been treated over the decades...just as Hollywood has...through the production code on up. By the time the 70s hit, my man was doing all kinds of dirt. Ah hell, let's just go ahead and celebrate the big-green-blockheaded-monster the way this new movie ought to. Click above to peep our Top 10 Frankenstein flicks!
Spitting Bullets
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