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Jul. 25, 2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 Jaws Rip-Offs!

Holy T.S. Quint! Can you believe JAWS turns 40 years old next June? Fucking crazy, despite how timeless the infamously-difficult-to-make Spielberg classic still feels all these years later. Let's be real, JAWS is not only a master-class in first rate filmmaking, remember, it also spawned the modern day blockbuster - which doubles its importance when discussing the annals of cinematic impact. And speaking of you happen to be old enough to recall the countless spate of JAWS imitators and wannabes that flooded the masses in the immediate aftermath of its success? Hell, even to this day, shite like SHARK NIGHT and SHARKNADO are no doubt desperately trying to capitalize on the success of JAWS, but back in the late 70s? My lord, every other drive-in movie that was released felt like it was some sort of JAWS offshoot. Don't believe us? Well goddamn it, hop on the barge, pop a brew and check out our Top Ten JAWS Ripoffs!
Spitting Bullets
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