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Top 10 Michael Myers Kills!

So, you ghouls and gals have a killer Halloween this year? You still hung-over on horror movie marathons and stomach-killing sugar overdoses? You should be! But don't fret folks, we're here to offer one last Halloween celebration that should be as sweet as the 14 pounds of candy you packed in your pillowcase. That's right, we're spending the day with Halloween's finest cinematic creation, Mr. Michael Myers! And we're not just hanging out with the stolid-faced madman, we're taking a hard look at Michael's most impressive homicidal Halloween handy-work. Butcher knives, needles, pitchforks, strangulation, eye and throat gouging, electrocution...nothing's off limits when it comes to Michael Myers' best of. Get ready's Michael Myers' Top 10 Kills!
Spitting Bullets
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