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01.03.2014by: Ryan Miller

Top 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2014!

The new year is already almost here, can you believe that? And with an all new year comes new horror flicks to get excited about. In this list I've pulled together 10 of my most anticipated horror films of 2014, and trust me this shit wasn't easy! The thing about looking forward to a new year filled with terror is that it's hard to actually pinpoint what's going to be worth a damn. There are also going to be plenty of amazing horror films to come creeping out of the dark (as they always do) in the coming year that we haven't even heard of yet. I've managed to narrow it down to what I hope will be some fun and interesting horror flicks to be hitting the new year. Hopefully you'll find a couple in here that you're looking forward to as well!

Okay... now where do I begin?


Spitting Bullets
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