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04.18.2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 Sexy Alien Chicks!

Ever since being hypnotized by Scarlett Johansson's coldly detached, yet oddly arousing turn as an alien seductress in UNDER THE SKIN, I just can't think of much else. And not just her, but her ilk. I immediately got to thinking about all the sexy alien chicks that have graced the screen over the years, comparing and contrasting the various iterations, deciphering what has worked well, what hasn't, which have endured over the years, which have faded out of the cultural consciousness, etc. And what I keep coming back to his just how terrifying the notion is to begin with. The seductive allure of a pretty woman, never for one second actually interested, only out to entice a male body so she can subsume his genetic material and propagate her own race (and end his)...shite's a little too close to home to take easily. But here's what is easy to take...easy on the eyes. Slam it up top to scope out our Top 10 Sexy Alien Chicks!


Spitting Bullets
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