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02.07.2014by: Jake Dee

Top 10 Storylines to Follow When The Walking Dead Returns This Sunday!

Well well, after a two month respite, look who slowly ambles its way back onto AMC this Sunday night. That's right y'all, "The Walking Dead" finally returns this week to give us the first of eight final frames of season 4. F*cking stoked, right? Hell yeah we are! And not just to get our dose of flesh-starved zombies running roughshod, but for all the intriguing storylines and character trajectories that need to be addressed, sewn-up, resolved and foreshadowed. I mean, we last left off in a state of utter upheaval, and tuning in to found out how it all unfolds should be just as compelling as the unbridled carnage the show continues to deliver in spades. So it's pretty simple folks, we've got the Top 10 questions/storylines to follow when "The Walking Dead" returns this Sunday. Beware of spoilers!


Spitting Bullets
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