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05.31.2006by: Matt Withers
Indie horror LIVE EVIL from Vito Trabucco has dropped a teaser trailer over at YouTube for all those jonesin' for a new vampire flick to check out. What's at play? Read on:

When clean blood starts to run out, one of the remaining groups of vampires scours the streets of L.A. to find fresh blood. Never more than two steps behind, the vicious vampire slayer 'The Priest' is on a quest to end the vampire race. His mission: to prove that life can be more evil than death.

Always good to have carnage in L.A. to look forward to, especially when it doesn't involve an earthquake. The teaser doesn't give too much insight into the overall flick, but does promise plenty of blood and nudity, so that's all for the good. Suck on it here.

Then you can flip over to the Official Site to check out some more bloody treats.

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