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Living Dead Dolls show!

11.03.2006by: Pat Torfe

For fans of Mezco's Living Dead Dolls, Halloween wasn't just a night of getting sick off booze and chocolate, as creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek had gathered an assortment of painters, special effects artists, photographers, sculptors and others to give their renditions of the living-impaired relatives of the Garbage Pail Kids.

The show, which runs from November 1 to the 14, and located at The Showroom NYC on 117 Second Avenue, also caught the attention of Figures.com's sister site MovieManiacs.net, who dropped by the show to ask co-creator Damien a couple of questions, the first of which was why the duo put this show on in the first place.

"A gallery showing was something we talked about years ago doing, but could never get started," explains Glonek. "Now the timing seemed to be right with the series popularity back on the rise and this time we thought it would be fun to see other artists interpretation on our Living Dead Dolls line. The contributions exceeded our wildest imaginations. Everybody commented on how much fun they had doing it and the opening night of the gallery was a big success."

To read the rest of the interview, head here, or if you want to see some of the artists gathered for the event (as well as some behind-the-scenes stuff), head to the Living Dead Dolls' official site.



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